Come Back Stronger


Come Back Stronger

While the pandemic cannot be declared as over, and its effects will ripple through our nations for months and perhaps years to come, the world is beginning to re-open after quarantine and social distancing.

With the re-opening, pastors and congregations are beginning to think about when and how they will return to church. They are asking, “What do we desire for our congregation when church re-opens?” I’m sure each pastor desires that the members of their congregations return with a renewed sense of mission.  They want their churches to COME BACK STRONGER.

Leadership Development and Discipleship has provided a variety of resources such as videos, blogs, articles, and downloads. These tools will inspire and support our pastors as they lead their congregations in COMING BACK STRONGER.

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Around the world and in North America, government restrictions are lessening and churches are looking toward the possibility of re-opening in the near future. However, with re-opening comes challenges and opportunities. Leadership Development and Discipleship wants your church to COME BACK STRONGER—able to address these challenges and embrace opportunities. View our Come Back Strongerintroduction video.

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On Tuesday, May 5, LDD hosted a webinar on “COME BACK STRONGER—Strengthening the Emotional Well Being of Your Congregation” with Kathryn Creasy, executive director of Leadership Development and Discipleship and Dr. Michael Hernandez, licensed counselor and director of Accredited Ministries Development and Spirit and Life Seminary.

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Come Back Stronger

Just because we are moving back to church, let’s not stop doing those things that have kept our churches alive during this crisis—focusing on needs, commissioning of the laity, and the re-valuing of small groups.


Kathryn Creasy 
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Maintaining Momentum

Some good things have come of the coronavirus—more people are attending church online, more Christians have engaged in personal times of prayer and Bible study, the local church has moved outside its 4 walls.  How can the local church maintain this momentum?

Becky Chaffin
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During the time of isolation, significant moments have passed in the lives of our congregations. What are three of the most significant that we must celebrate when the church COMES BACK STRONGER? 

Bishop Gary Langley
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re-Commissioning Families

During this crisis, fathers and mothers have moved back into their biblical role of spiritual leaders of their families.  Without weekly biblical instruction from children’s ministers and youth pastors, the families have been re-commissioned to teach their children “the ways of the Lord.” How can we continue to validate and support this re-commissioning?    

Bishop Shaun Mckinely
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Something amazing has happened during the corona virus pandemic, members of the congregation are stepping up—serving their neighbors, getting involved in community service projects, finding new ways to connect.  This is biblical—Ephesians 2:10.  How can we help our congregations to continue stepping up? 

Tony & Lilly Orona
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Technology – The New Norm!

Most local churches have engaged in some form of technology but coming back stronger will, in most cases, demand that digital becomes the norm.  What are some practical ways we can come back stronger through technology?



Michael LuIlthe
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Acknowledging loss

There has been loss during this time of crisis—death, sickness, loss of jobs, loss of financial security, loss of intimate connections. When the local church comes, together again how can we acknowledge these losses and comfort those who have experienced loss.

Rick Creasy
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Re-Valuing Small Groups

Small groups have played a significant role in keeping churchgoers connected during this time. What is the value of continuing these ministries and how do we strengthen them?


Darren Schalk
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Rethinking Our Practices

Every church does them—greeters, passing the offering plate, a coffee and pastry station, a “meet and greet” during service, etc.  But when we gather again, will these be appropriate?  If not, how can we still provide these opportunities in a way that is safe?

Bishop Carswell Leonard
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Re-Commissioning Our Youth

Change has been instituted in every platform. While our church have had to adjust to the change in our society due to COVID-19. Our young people are the agents of change that can use the tools and resources to lead our church to overcome this crisis. We must re-commission our youth to be a pivotal influence within our church. 


Kirk Rising
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Principles of Success: In Times of Difficulty

One of the keys to our churches coming back stronger lies in the spiritual life of the pastor.  What is God saying to you during this time of preparation? How can we overcome this time of difficulty. 



Bishop Michael Wilson
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Congregational Survey: Created by Lifeway Research to gather input on re-opening the local church. 

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Small Group Ministry Course: Leadership Development and Discipleship have developed a course called “Developing and Leading Small Group Ministry.” This course is available online through Teachable and by PDF. 

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Click here to download the course in PDF.

Download the Phased Restart Plan PDF to learn more about resuming normal operations. This can help your church model a strategy to help begin a restart plan that fits your needs.

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Articles and Blogs

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  • The Five Dimensions of Flourishing People.

Video Trainings, Webinars

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  • Church Relaunch Kit
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  • Reopening the Church: a Discussion on Leading After COVID-19 Starts
  • Why This Disruption Is Bigger Than You Think, The Demise of Post-Modern Culture, And What’s Next for the Future Church
  • Explainer: How Your Church Can Receive a Forgivable COVID-19 Loan

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