Strategic Priority 3 – Accountability
To achieve sustainable, quality content and processes, the Leadership Development and Discipleship ministries must recognize the successes and failures that determine causes and provide solutions that promote our goals. We will hold ourselves accountable to feedback and evaluation from our leaders and all individuals who participate in LDD training programs and events.

Learn more about our objectives and goals designed to provide practical application and opportunities for follow up/feedback from participants in LDD training.


Establish a culture of accountability among leaders.


  • Identify and establish methods to capture LDD data and success measures
  • Build in practical applications to all content
  • Identify and establish methods for follow-up and feedback for LDD content
  • Accept feedback and evaluation from our leaders and all individuals who participate in LDD training programs and events
  • Develop a database that provides easy accessibility to measurements of success and failures. We will include opportunities for evaluation and follow up in all LDD content


Focused measures and evaluation

Strategic and operational measures will be aligned with the mission and goals of the Church, LDD, and specific programs. Evaluation will be used to offer a solid foundation for communicating outcomes and responsiveness to constituent feedback.

Responsiveness to constituent feedback

Leaders will partner with constituents to capture input on strategic goals, measures, and impact. By having a voice in this process, leaders are more likely to be engaged. This also allows IO leadership to make adjustments based on feedback from other Church leaders, providing opportunities for continuous improvement and problem solving.

Forced follow through

To address the starting and stopping of programs and initiatives, we are committed to accomplishing goals laid out in this report. We seek to be held accountable to data received and feedback from participants in the programs offered.

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