Cultivate Leaders

Strategic Priority 1 – Cultivate Leaders

A primary purpose of Leadership Development and Discipleship Ministries is to engage and equip pastoral and lay leaders in the Church. LDD promotes initiatives to address the cultivation of ministry leaders.

Learn more about our objectives and goals designed to help leaders accomplish all that God has purposed.


Provide applicable and accessible content, tools, and resources to all leaders within the Church.


  • Review and update existing educational content
  • Identify and develop new content that reflects current or emerging needs within the Church
  • Identify and create content in the most effective delivery method(s) for each continental area
  • Translate existing and all new content into additional languages
  • Increase the number of trainers in each continental area by 50% over the next 4 years
  • Research, purchase, and implement a Learning Management System for global leadership development
  • Explore new areas of relevant ministries to include in LDD
  • Increase the number of training hours completed each year by 15%
  • Increase the number of unique participants in LDD training
  • Increase the number of leaders (pastoral and lay leaders) within the Church by 10% each year


Increase the number of young leaders within global church leadership between the ages of 18-25 by 33% and ages 26-35 by 50%.*


  • Create a nurturing environment for young leaders within the COGOP
  • Develop and implement a global strategy to recruit and retain young adult leaders
  • Increase retention of young leaders to a rate of 75%


Recruitment: With 65% of our current leaders over age 50, and 10% under age 35, recruiting new leaders is essential to the continued health and growth of the Church.* By using key methods to attract new leaders to pastoral or lay positions, we can positively impact the Church’s current leadership age while empowering leaders to effectively serve their communities and congregations.

Development: With excellent, applicable, and accessible ministry education content, we will be able to more effectively develop our leaders’ skills and knowledge so that they are better equipped to accomplish the mission of the Church.

*These statistics were obtained from the survey. While there was global response, the majority of respondents were from North America.

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