We invite you to view our past webinars that can provide essential insight and equip you in your ministry. 

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Steve is the lead pastor of Discovery Christian Church in Broomfield, Colorado. Steve desires to bring relief to leaders by equipping them with tools for individual and team health. His work and ministry experiences as well as educational background allow him to offer wise counsel and practical guidance on the principles in his current book, Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs.

Steve Cuss | Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs


One of COGOP’s own young pastors and church planters, will be sharing his knowledge and experience on the topic, “Assimilating New Believers”.  Jonathan’s presentation is founded on his experience over the past five years as he and his team planted a multi-racial church in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Through that experience Jonathan has developed a process for first-time churchgoers to become fully assimilated into the life and ministries of the local church. His insights provide biblical, practical guidance on helping first-time attendees move from visitors to contributing members of the local church.

Jonathan Olavarria | Assimilating New Believers


Dr. Rainer’s presentation, “Ministry in a Land Where We’ve Never Been Before” will offer essential wisdom needed to face the challenges and opportunities that the quarantine crisis has created for the local church. “Be excited and encouraged. Don’t let the unknown become a source of fear” – Dr. Thom Rainer. 

Dr. Thom S. Rainer | Ministry in a Land Where We've Never Been Before


“To be more like Christ is to be less like ourselves, whereby the Holy Spirit is at work until Christ is formed in us to become perfect humanity. This tells us that our journey is progressive, transformational, and forward looking.” 

Barry’s presentation title is “Pursing Personal Development.”

Barry Hutchinson | Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in the UK


“The fundamental task of leadership is distinguishing  between what needs to be preserved and what needs to be changed.” In this webinar Tod introduces elements of healthy leadership habits in uncharted territories.

Tod’s presentation title is “Healthy Church Leadership in Uncharted Territory.”

Tod Bolsinger | Author of Canoeing the Mountain and Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary


“There is room for the next pastor, there is room for the next leader. We should never have a fear that someone is going to out do us, but pray that our mentor surpasses the mentor.” In this webinar Sharon introduces some principles on being a great mentor for others in your local church.

Sharon Farruggia’s presentation title is “Mentoring Matters”

Sharon Farruggia | Senior Pastor of Harvest Christian Ministries in Knoxville, TN


“What would change about your worship service if the Holy Spirit were to depart? Would things continue as usual? It’s amazing the things that can be done without His presence. Truth is, every Sunday there are churches who go through liturgical motions and never engage with the presence of the Holy Spirit. In this webinar we will examine practical inspirational ways we can purposely engage with the presence of the Spirit and demonstrate what a Spirit-Led Church is all about. Terry Mahan’s presentation title is “Engaging the Presence of the Holy Spirit in Your Worship Service”

Terry Mahan | Senior Pastor of the Father's House Church in Leesburg, Florida


The church must become an agent of social and spiritual transformation in the community. With vision and personal commitment Carswell has led the State Street Community Church in fulfilling their mission, “To positively impact the communities we are called to serve with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” I have full confidence that he will inspire you to engage in greater Christian witness in your community as well. Bishop Carswell Leonard’s presentation title is “Community Engagement Beyond Sunday Mornings.”

Bishop Carswell Leonard | Senior Pastor at State Street Community Church Raleigh, NC


The gospel you preach determines the disciples you make. The reason so many disciple-making efforts fail at the local church level is they don’t begin with Jesus’ kingdom gospel.  Ben Sobel’s presentation title is “The Discipleship Gospel.”

Ben Sobles | Senior Pastor at Cypress Community Church, Salinas, CA

Everybody falls down, but only the strong get back up. copy

In this session, we will learn the seven cultural keys to becoming a healthy growing church.  Michael Turner’s  presentation title is “Creating an Environment that Promotes Church Growth.”

Michael Turner | Senior Pastor of Turning Point Church in McDonough, GA

Scott Lee, Photo

I have seen ministers that are extremely nice people, have incredible teaching gifts, and are creative in outreach efforts, yet fail to establish meaningful connections with individuals in their sphere of influence. Why is that?  What kind of connections are people looking for? We will answer this question in our time together. Scott Lee’s presentation title is “Meaningful Connections as a Pastor/Leader.”

Scott Lee | Senior Pastor of Bethesda Worship Center (COGOP) in Sheridan, WY


“If you a pastor of a small church – especially a bi-vocational one – there seems to be an eternal trade off. Every hour spent pastoring is an hour lost to reaching new people and the hour reaching new people is an hour lost pastoring. So what’s a pastor to do? Karl Vater presentation title is “Equipping the poeple you have to reach the people you don’t have.”

Karl Vater | Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Fountain Valley, CA

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