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BLOG: “How COGOP Congregations are on Mission During this Global Crisis” This blog offers simple, practical ideas from eight of our Church of God of Prophecy pastors in North America and Europe. These ideas will provide inspiration and guidance for staying on mission as we minister to and connect with our congregations, support families, and serve our communities, especially those at risk. 

FACEBOOK LIVE: “Staying on Mission During the COVID-19 Global Crisis” Our executive director, Kathy Creasy, speaks with Jonathan Olavarria, bi-vocational pastor of The Hub church in Jersey City, New Jersey, on the distractions, mission, and blessings the church is experiencing during this time of crisis. To view, visit https://www.facebook.com/cogop/

RESOURCE LIST: This list provides information on organizational websites and relevant blogs that will guide our pastors as they develop creative methods to stay connected to their congregations and serve their communities.  

EASTER QUARANTINE: COVID-19 has impacted the 2020 Easter celebration. This year, our Easter celebrations will be very different! Most of us will not gather together for a community Easter egg hunt, a sunrise service, the traditional Easter worship celebration, or a family dinner.  It will be just us—our immediate family. But it will still be Easter—the date that has been set aside to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So, as families and small groups of believers, let’s celebrate. Below is a suggested worship service just for your family or small group. Add your own unique ideas to tailor it to your family’s or small group members’ ages, interests, and gifts.

COME BACK STRONGER: While the pandemic cannot be declared as over, and its effects will ripple through our nations for months and perhaps years to come, the world is beginning to re-open after quarantine and social distancing.

With the re-opening, pastors and congregations are beginning to think about when and how they will return to church. They are asking, “What do we desire for our congregation when church re-opens?” I’m sure each pastor desires that the members of their congregations return with a renewed sense of mission. They want their churches to COME BACK STRONGER.

Leadership Development and Discipleship has provided a variety of resources such as videos, blogs, articles, and downloads. These tools will inspire and support our pastors as they lead their congregations in COMING BACK STRONGER. 

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March 27, 2020 | On Mission


FEB 11, 2020 | Leadership Development and Discipleship

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