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Meekness is not weakness

James 3:13 “Who is wise and understanding among you? By his good conduct let him show his works in the meekness of wisdom.”

Meekness is not weakness. It’s power that is under control. It’s a desire to stay rooted within humility an lived out in confidence, not arrogance. Humble leaders are always building others up and within the process taking in the criticism of it as well.They are continually trying to help others reach their potential and prioritize fulfilling the team’s desires. The job of a leader is serving and car for the needs of the others rather than building themselves up for personal gain. As leaders be conductors within your place of influence instead of a solo artist. Include others in the process because it’s not about you but about accomplishing God’s purpose.

In his book, Be Humble, Stay Hungry, Always Hustle, Mark Burnett gives us six good ways to grow in meekness.

• Create a system where you aren’t the only one pushing the button.
In other words, a system where you are increasing the accountability and responsibility among your team.

• Beware of the “paradox of the platform”.
Many times, leaders will get caught up in being in front of a congregation, especially on a platform. They think that’s where a leader should be, but serving is where a leader should be.

• Invest in those who can’t return the favor.
Leaders often invest the bulk of their energy in those who can pay them back in some way. Think about ways in which you can invest in others without receiving anything in return that would benefit yourself.

• Reward those who push back.
Appreciate the people within your team or circle that inspire a different outlook on strategy. They may see a different perspective on a project that you may have not seen.

• Pass along power.
A leader must understand how to pass the power they have to others and not keep it for their own glory.

•Remember it’s not about you.
Humble leaders make it about others and always stay approachable.

“A habit of meekness is the counterbalance to the habits of self-discovery and openness.”
– Mark Burnett

Author: Kathryn H. Creasy: Executive Director of Leadership Development and Discipleship






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