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We cannot bring the vision to fulfillment through our own efforts, but must live under its inspiration until it fulfills itself.

Oswald Chambers. My Utmost for His Highest

Vision is a buzzword in ministry, in business, in education, in government, even in marriage and child-rearing.

I’ve often been in conferences where we’ve been asked to write our vision statement, share our vision statement, or reflect on our vision statement. Sometimes it seems like a vision statement is just something you come up with to make something happen that you really want to happen.

But true vision is a God thing. He is the one who enables us to see things not as they are but as He would have them to be. He is the one who gives us the courage to take a first step in accomplishing what He has placed in heart. He is the one who refines our vision through prayer, success, and even failure, until it is truly His.

As a leader you don’t have to write a vision statement but don’t miss the joy of knowing the God-vision for your life and ministry. He has one tailor made just for you—for your spiritual gifts, your life experiences, your relationships, your passions, and your calling. Seek Him! Open your eyes and your hearts to see what God sees.

You don’t have to write it down but as God’s vision for you and the ministry you serve begins to be birthed you’ll have to share it because God is already at work preparing others to come alongside in seeing that vision accomplished.

No, a vision statement isn’t a necessity but vision is.

Author: Kathryn H. Creasy: Executive Director of Leadership Development and Discipleship






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