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leaders help those they lead grow

Developing others must be one of the most important goals of a successful leader. A servant leader helps others grow and become because he has a genuine concern for the individuals he serves. That concern leads him or her to build relationship with those they serve, to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, to provide opportunities for them to lead, to help them honestly assess and learn from their successes and their failures.

A leader also understands that as those who serve alongside of him become more capable leaders, the ministry he leads has a greater opportunity to accomplish its vision and achieve its goals. His investment in individuals is potentially an investment in the ministry he serves.

Finally, a leader who develops people must realize that as he develops people there will be failures as well as successes. Not everyone a leader invests in will become a trustworthy, competent, godly ministry leader. But investing in the development of people will always bring rewards i.e. individuals who will continue fulfilling the ministry vision, lifelong friendships, a sense of fulfillment and more.

Take the first step. Consider whom you might invest in. Always look for those who serve faithfully. Sometime just showing up is the first indication of potential leadership. Consider those who are available. Some will have gifts, abilities, and potential but may be too busy with other things. Finally, are they teachable? Will they receive instruction? Will they respond well to correction?

Author: Kathryn H. Creasy: Executive Director of Leadership Development and Discipleship






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