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Focus on what fuels you


Focus on what fuels you. Carey Nieuwhof

Recently I read a post from leadership guru, Carey Nieuwhof titled, 5 Keys To Making Sure Your Christmas Break Doesn’t Break You Or Your Family (A Post For Driven Leaders). The fourth key caught my attention: Focus on what fuels you.

Those of you who serve in ministry may be especially overwhelmed during the Christmas season. That seems a bit odd, doesn’t it? The season when we have the opportunity to celebrate one of the most important events in Christian history is also the season when we are too busy and too exhausted to truly celebrate.

But think for a few minutes about what “fuels” you, what truly “fills your cup.” For me it’s playing a game with family or friends. (I don’t even have to win but that’s nice too.) It’s watching a movie while snuggling with my husband, adult kids and grandkids. (We fill the couch and overflow on the floor.) It’s doing a crossword puzzle with my son. (Or, having a crossword battle of the sexes by including all the family in a boys vs. girls timed competition.) It’s saying something that is ridiculously funny and laughing so hard I can’t get the words out. (My family voted me “most funny” this past Thanksgiving.) It’s waking early to spend a few quiet moments thinking about God’s amazing work in the world and in me.

So what fuels you? Think about those things. Make a list. And take action to see that some of them happen often during the Christmas season and the year to come.

Author: Kathryn H. Creasy: Executive Director of Leadership Development and Discipleship






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