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Changed in His Presence

Changed in His Presence


As a science teacher, I came across many terms that required much thought, and even examples, to understand them fully.  One such word was bioluminescence.  This was a great example to teach my students how to break down a word into its roots and prefixes.  In this case, “bio” meaning lifeand “lumen” meaning lightor shine– simply put, “a living light”.  The purpose of this light is communication, or to send out a message. Scientifically, this would quickly bring to mind fireflies or jellyfish, but spiritually, this one word preaches an entire sermon.

 In the book of Exodus, Moses descended from Mount Sinai after receiving from God ten commandments which were written on two tablets. The Scripture tells us that after spending time speaking with God, Moses would return to the people to relay God’s message and his face was radiant, shining brightly.  Just in case we think we’ve misunderstood the kind of radiance that was really happening here, the Bible says that Moses had to cover his face with a veil so that the people could look at him.  And this didn’t happen just once, but “wheneverMoses went in before the Lordto speak with Him” (Exodus 34:34). 

The presence of God changes us – inwardly and outwardly. It’s quite amazing how spending time in the presence of God and speaking with Him can turn a bad attitude into gratefulness, pride into humility, and pain into praise.  There is no human logic to explain it.  It’s just as amazing how others can know that we have been in God’s presence.  Even if we are not physically shining like Moses, we look different.  We are radiant in our countenance.  We are approachable.  We light up all that is around us.

“Lord, let me not forsake Your presence.  Let me hear Your words.  Change me, that others may see Your presence on my face.”

 Author: Becky Chaffin: Administrative Assistant of Leadership Development and Discipleship 






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